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Looking for a career in buying or to work as a Chartered Procurement & Supply professional? The Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain course could be for you and is awarded by Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply. The level 4 diploma is recognised in the UK and internationally in over 110 countries. It is the first step to reaching the level 6 Professional Diploma in Purchasing & Supply and full membership of CIPS. 

Graduates will be in a fantastic position to capitalise on national and multi-national career opportunities, in the UK and abroad. The diploma will you the purchasing skills needed for operational or junior management roles, even if you are a newcomer. Companies are looking for individuals who have studies Procurement & Supply chain courses as they are a core part of an organisation's corporate strategy. This is because it helps to streamline processes, reduce raw material prices and costs, and identifying better sources of supply for the business. 

This procurement and supply chain management course will describe the key processes in procurement and build your professional knowledge. With this knowledge, you will have the opportunity to develop strategies, analyse case studies scenarios and demonstrate your judgement skills in procurement and supply chain activity. 

The latest feature added into the course is Pre recorded Online classes. The addition of Live online classes allows you to interact and ask questions while listening to your lecturer deliver their class live online. If you are unable to make the session all live classes are recorded for revision and playback purposes.


Course Aims:

Upon course completion, you will be able to:


  1. Apply a variety of terms to contracts, and understand different contractual terms, that affect direct and indirect spending.
  2. You will learn to plan, prepare and undertake effective negotiations, achieving best value within the supply chain.
  3. Apply a range of techniques to monitor the performance of different suppliers, examining financial performance, and make suggestions for future improvements.
  4. Develop new relationships, manage existing relationships and exploit opportunities, that will maximise the supply chain.



Award:  Procurement & Supply Diploma

 : 4 UK Ofqual 

Award Body:  CIPS - Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply




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