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Retail Management Diploma Course Overview



The Retail Management Diploma will provide you with the latest thinking and the newest developments in retail management, so that you have the skills and knowledge to manage a successful retail store. 

When you first enter a retail store, you may think that the retail work and layout is straightforward in the shop. However, a retail store requires a great deal of work, to run an effective store. The retail manager needs to manage the inventory, motivate the staff to increase sales, dealing with customer complaints, monitoring budgets, organising the layout and design of store. 

If you’re interested in a Retail Management career you will need to have very good communication skills, a competitive spirit and ability to handle difficult customers. The Retail Operations Management Diploma Course can advance individual's skills and qualifications, who are already working in this field and are looking to further their career.  


Course Aims


The aim of this Retail course, is to introduce you to the retail strategies and tactics that make a successful retail operation. In this retail course, you will learn, the consumer buyer process, supply chain management, negotiation and how to manage staff effectively.


Processes such as retail buying, transportation and distribution, location and store design are considered. After successful completion you will be able to integrate theory and practice and better manage various retail functions and operations. Areas also covered include store operations, merchandising, marketing, advertising and promotions, customer relations, managing people, inventory control, finance, and supply chain; as well as how to grow the business.


The programme tutor is an experienced retail practitioners and qualified lecturer with years of experience in retail management.


Students should be able to:



  1. Describe and evaluate the key factors of retail operations management.
  2. Explain the management processes behind the stages of retail operations
  3. Compare and contrast the various tactical approaches of different retailers.
  4. Conduct research via a variety of methods used in retail management.
  5. Communicate effectively by written and oral means.
  6. Work effectively in teams.







Diploma in Retail  Operations Management

Award Body(s):  CMI 



Retail Management Diploma

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